It did what? 12 Secret Spiritual Energy Tools to Help You Succeed in Business.

12 Secret Spiritual Energy Tools to Help You Succeed in Business

The woo woo in business is real ladies! Spiritual Energy work can help you grow your business and tap into your true purpose. Taking time to check in with self, visualize, move forward with intuitive hunches and heal the broken areas in your life does yield results. You are running on auto-pilot in our businesses and you wonder why you keep hitting a brick wall. God has something to show you and he has an area in your life he wants you to pay attention to.

God cares about the healing of your soul first before he cares about your success as an entrepreneur.

I mean in the grand scheme of things this is what a loving Father does for His children. That being said taking the time to focus on healing work, mindset work, clearing limiting beliefs and vows is the hidden secret to success in business. Here’s what some of my past clients have experienced!

I have had clients where after 6 months of trying to get blog posts accepted to mega-large audiences finally get the spark of intuition about a divine topic, write it right after our session, submit, and get a yes 5 hours later.

I have had clients where they get a yes to a $30,000 contract the very next day after our session, when the very same customer was giving them the runaround for weeks!!


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I can keep going ladies … I had a client bang out the course to her very own unique transformational coaching course for transitioning divorcees in only a matter of a few short weeks when she was literally stuck for years prior.

I had another client who was spinning her wheels, working really hard without seeing results. She knew what actions she really needed to do but somehow couldn’t get herself to do it for a whole year! Sitting with product on her shelf and finally after a spiritual energy session with me she got her product in not just 1 but 2 retail locations …. talk about an energetic shift!!!

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Here are 12 secret spiritual energy tools that I have shared and worked on with my clients to help them reach their version of success:

  1. Daily Affirmations and Mantras

Yes, this seems simple enough and I guarantee you this alone may shift you some but there’s a holistic approach to spiritual energy work and we know the words we speak play a huge role in what manifests in our lives. My clients don’t just use generic affirmations. These are personally crafted affirmations that are so in sync with their beliefs and values.

  1. EFT tapping

This is one the biggest secrets to business success. When we take the time to tap through our negative beliefs, we energetically shift massive thoughts and energy in our lives. God will literally move blocks that we didn’t even know were in our way. Do you desire to serve in a way that God has called you too? Then don’t be afraid to tap into your subconscious mind which he designed to begin with.

  1. Seeking Alignment and co-partnership with God

Are you daily seeking alignment in prayer? Your goal should be to align yourself with the will of God. I remember telling God if this business isn’t for me or in your will I will give it up now. Show we me what you would have me to do and I will do it. Every since this heart to heart moment I have increased my income every year letting me know that this is how God would have me to serve. You can absolutely seek this desired level of alignment in your daily prayer.

12 Secret Spiritual Energy Tools to Help You Succeed in Business.

  1. Direct Access

If you understand the energetic meridian lines in your body and the fact that emotions are stored in body, then you know that you can touch the areas of your body where the emotion is stored and with intentional thought think about about releasing that energy while touching your body. It’s called circuitry and intention. They definitely go hand in hand. Sounds about crazy but we are spiritual creatures first and our spiritual and emotional state affects our physical experience within our business, within this world.

  1. Give and you shall receive

This is a spiritual principle that I have all my clients apply to business. I had a client that was afraid of sharing her tips and ideas in fear that others would steal from her, copy her ideas, and that clients wouldn’t want to work with her if they could get info for “free”. One of greatest break through was to give and serve with her knowledge and she immediately began attracting more clients.

  1. Visualizing your goals everyday

Take time visualizing the things you want everyday. Write it out! Journal! Feel it on an energetic and emotional level! Speak it out loud even when it feels like a lie or false.

  1. “You time” in your business everyday

This is essential to business success! This is what big CEO’s do. How can you decide what the next creation will be, the next ideas, the next collaboration, the next goal to reach if you don’t take time for self everyday? I have a personal development day where I read excellent literature related to my field so I can continue to show up as a thought leader in my field.

  1. Faith

You have to shift from relying solely on your logic mind.The Bible says it best Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. You may not see the thriving business you desire now but develop a hope and confidence that it will come!

  1. Money Mindset

You got to look at your money story. I take my clients through an in-depth view of their story around money and how to shift it. The first step is awareness in regards to how you feel about money. What do you think of rich people. If you think they are greedy or sneaky then you are energetically repelling money!

  1. Forgiveness

You can’t make money when you are angry, not if you desire to operate from a heart-centered place. Forgiveness and letting go other people that haven’t met your standards frees you to be the person you were called to be without the negative blocks.

  1. Decluttering

Physically get rid of thing that you no longer need in your life so you can welcome the new things on an energetic level.

  1. Micro-upleveling

Micro-upleveling shows that you are ready to receive. This can be as simple as buying new underwear because you are worth it.

Justina is a Pro MUA and Mindset and Success Coach. To schedule a complimentary clarity session with her click on the link calendly.com/purposefulpursuit
You can also find her in her Facebook Group The Purposeful Pursuit to a Beautiful You.

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