Inner Circle Week 9 Strategic Divine Content

Week 9 Strategic Divine Content




Workbook (Questions to help prompt content)

Workbook (VASOPS)

Content Calendar


Webinar Notes:

  • How your God-given experiences shape your content and set you apart in your industry so you can confidently and intentionally share your message


So if we pay attention to the things that GOd is doing/has done in our lives we can begin to make connections to our business. Think about what you went through last year, what you went through this past week. (share about the past month)


Shape your content:


  1. We’re not leaving out the personal things that are going on in your everday life
  2. YOu begin to see every experience as valuable as long as you can draw the connection for your readers (they will value you for it)
  3. You readers will thank you for the lessons you teach and this will increase the KLT factor


Sets you apart:


  1. No one has your specific experience
  2. No one processes your experiences the way you do
  3. You have a God that helps you see things in a unique and interesting way


I want you to begin connecting your service to a God-inspired time in your life.


If you are like me you dont separate or compartmentalize or take credit for the good in your life. You know that God is at work and its through him that live, move and have our being. So the fact that I was confused on what I wanted to do with my life for the better part of my highschool and college years means that God already had a plan and he knew that those feelings and this story of not being enough would be used for his glory in order to help other women who feel the same.


So start thinking about your story. (focus on the time frame first….how far do you want to go back…so think about that and II’m going to pray for us now and do a little breathing exercise so we can get centered and you can actually do the work while on this webinar with me.


(PRAY: I ask that you let every woman on this call today begin to see your purpose for thier and and that they start making the connection between the trial and tribulations that you’ve brought them too and connecting that to their business so that you get the glory everytime in their God-centered businesses. Allow them to position you as CEO in the business that you’ve so graciously allowed them to stewart.


Now to help you get clearere on what stories are awesome stories to pull from. Usually they are:

  1. vulnerable stories where people can relate to but you
  2. As a leader in your business can still make a connection back to your business.
  3. It can be your story, a close friends story, a story/blog/book that you’ve read (nothing has happened in my life well reference someone) Use holidays, Use current events, use us vs. them positioning,


DOes anyone want to start sharing some stories that they feel lead to connect in their business. Or maybe you feel like there is a story but you can find the connection. Post in the comments and I will definitely get to you.



  • How to use your God-inspired Story to Create Endless Content and Stand Out  that Attracts Your Soul Clients


For one thing the content within you is endless because God is continually using you and shaping you on a daily basis. REmember no experience goes unnoticed. I love this process of God-inspired content because it makes me more aware of what God is doing around me and makes me pay attention to the little things because I know content is everywhere and it starts in your life and what your experiencing on a daily basis. Remember you have multiple stories and and experiences that stem from your earliest memory to now.


Endless Content:


  1. Believing and knowing You have endless content within you
  2. Knowing Your content so graciuosly comes from God
  3. You co-create that content by paying special attention to what God is placing before you each day


You will stand out by:

  1. Pay special attention to what you are experiencing, feeling, seeing, and hearing
  2. Do not underestimate using your senses.
  3. Journal about these experiences with no expectation in mind
  1. Allow God to help you shape the connection in a separate writing session.


  • How to position your vulnerabilities so you can start attracting the clients that resonate with your message  


Position your vulnerabilities

  1. You position yourself by rewording what you’ve gone through in the past.
  2. When you are talking in your journal but writing things addressed to yourself, switch that lesson around in 2nd person
  3. So as I’m journaling or writing and God is revealing things to me…I then reword it as if I”m speaking to an audience. So it goes form 1st person to second person.
  4. Example: I know content is everywhere and it starts in my life and what I’mexperiencing on a daily basis. (I wrote this in my journal a while back) I flipped it
  5. I know content is everywhere and it starts in your life and what you’re experiencing on a daily basis. (A simple switch in tense and person can establish expert status, always write to your audience)
  6. So as a person with a handmade product: You may be sayingn I knew that soy products were healthier when I bought a different kind of candle and I realized that it burned differently. When you burining candles in your home and you see that they are burning unclean this is how you know you need healthy ingredients. SO its really a shift in your speech where you are positioning yourself as the expert. You were the student when God revealed the connection, info, the material…… now you get to word it as the expert in your industry.
  7. Literally oyu could have learned a lesson just earlier in the week. Still write from a stance of knowing. Your ability to go from point a to point b in a short time frame doesnt mean you can position yourself as an expert. YOu had the transformation and that is what really matter.


The easiest way to create, plan, and repurpose a whole year’s worth of content so you never find yourself wondering what to go live about or what to post on Facebook

Now to create your content ideas:


Lets work together to list out all the things you love to talk about that is relevant to your industry:

Pick a person…one of my clients is a website developer: wordpress-domain names, hosting, blogging- niching, affiliate marketing, seo-how to determine keyword—plug-ins that help with keywords, design—tools for easy design, brand messaging, visual branding, spirituality, God in business, empowerment, encouragement, motivation

Transition coach: care-givers, health, food, pain management, transition, travel, success, planning


Brain dump 12 ideas


Plan that content


Now we will build out those ideas to have 4 topics under each


Now we are going ot schedule a topic for each month and the 4 represents each week.


Subconscious mind—not the center for wisdom,



Emotions —- fear, anger, unworthiness,


Now that you have content ideas created and scheduled now’s the time to talk about repurposing it: So depending on what you life better:


Talk (record video/audio then transcribe) or Write (then go live/video/audio)

Either way you will have written form: blog, mini fb post (just create the graphic) share those graphics in different sizes on instagram, facebook, pinterest (canva)

Live webinars, masterclass, training, workbooks, e-books, pdfs, lists, step by step plans, (all around one blof or live video)


These same topics should be going out in your email letter.


Thinking beyond the content and connecting to your services:


This content will fuel you services and your products. Just how you set up the schedule for your content. Set up the schedule for which services you will promote or focused on each month or quarter whatever works best for your business.


For example: candles, you know mother’s day is coming up….create content around mothers day that relates back to your candle design, tell a touching story in relation to that, make connecttions through written, visual, and live audiences all while having a clear call to action! Use holidays, Use current events,


Bonus: How to name your trainings/blogs/ideas

I learned this from another coach and I thought it was genius: so now that you ahve your topics and you have your ideas and they are broken down



2 Descriptives-  easy, simple, soulful

Whats the tool/vehicle-  (strategy, tool, process, idea, mindset shift)

What are the outcomes- 2 outcomes



Outside of your general content there are many forms of content:



Video Series

Blog series

Email Series

But remember all roads lead to home and you will be inviting your clients to have an experience with you along the way!


You will create these based on the experience that you want your clients to have.