Monthly Archives: March 2016

He Has Already Provided

God has equipped you. Even if you cant see it now, have faith and unwavering faith that he has given you what you need. I remember a time when I was struggling with putting some ideas and thoughts I had to paper and I literally went weeks thinking about it and feeling like I couldn’t verbalize what I had felt in my heart. Soon enough, I finally opened a book that had been sitting out in the open on my desk  and it […]

I’m Not Enough

When heart-centered mompreneurs finally get clear on their purpose and their why….. Then BAM!! It hits them… they feel like their “why” doesn’t exactly match up with the level they feel their talent or skill should be at. They don’t feel like they are enough. This feeling can be so paralyzing especially if you go into comparing yourself to others. This idea of not feeling like your talent is where it should be stems from feeling like you in the current moment are not […]