Monthly Archives: May 2016

Are You Receiving the Manifestation with Gratitude?

If you understand manifestation and you’ve gotten all the way to that thing that you desire finally materializing before your eyes, ask yourself… Are your receiving the manifestation with gratitude?   Boy, this was an eye opening question for me. Yes in the general sense I am a grateful person. I thank God for waking me up, my kids, my home, my business, my friends, my family, my life in general. But recently, I came to the realization that I’ve […]

The girl that did what she was told

I’m the girl that did what she was told. Not only did I do what I was told but there was a part of me that did this so well, that no one knew I was dying on the inside. I followed the much expected path laid out for my life by family and friends. During this time, I was rotting with bitterness, regret, and nothing but negativity; always thinking and focusing on why the things I wanted out of […]