Monthly Archives: August 2016

Lesson Prep Sheets don’t sound very CM…are you sure about that???

My last blog post on homeschool organization kind of stirred up a bit of controversy over whether or not Lesson Prep sheets are Charlotte Mason based. But no worries, that’s why I’ve created this blog post in addition to what I wrote on my new homeschool organization set up and how I adapted it to CM. I want to help the readers here understand what I really mean when I say “Lesson Prep”. Within the organization post I discussed how I adapted the […]

After 6 Years, The Perfect Charlotte Mason Homeschool Organization for AO

I’ve been homeschooling for the past 6.5 years and I’ve always been well-meaning to start a blog of some sort but I haven’t quite committed in the way that I had hoped. Life sometimes takes over and the things we say we want to do don’t always happen. Aside from wanting to blog more regularly about our homeschool, I’ve also wanted to start a makeup business. That particular desire has definitely come to pass. Although, I am the kind of person […]

What My Clients Taught Me This Week

What is a boudoir session really? I see boudoir as an outlet for a woman to see her femininity in a new light. These images are usually taken for a spouse but I tell my clients to think of this as a pampering session for you as well. It’s a part of self-care to allow someone else to spend time on you.  Its about a transformation and seeing yourself in a more sensual way. I’m sharing this concept of self-care […]