Monthly Archives: September 2016

You didn’t Crash and Burn…You’re simply making room for expansion

What happens when you’ve slowed down on social media to truly reflect where you’re heading with your business? What happens when you lose the flow of your posting schedule and you dont even know where to start. What happens when you think your voice won’t matter anymore? What happens when you feel stuck? You haven’t spoken up in over 2 months and we all know that is forever in the online world. You’ve not posted on all your social media platforms, You haven’t recorded a video, You’ve not showed up in your own FB group! What happens to your self-esteem and your confidence when these actions take place? Well I  should really ask what happens to your self-esteem and confidence when NOTHING has taken place? Well you already know cause you are feeling that way […]

How I Honored My Values and Respected My Boundaries Around Marriage and Business

I did a search to see when the last time it was that I posted in a FB group relevant to my niche. I found that it was the end of June. So that means all of July, August and now the beginning of September . That’s about 10 weeks of internal reflection without posting in any Facebook groups, well except my own. June’s around the time I realized I had to take a step back from my own business […]

How Two Creative Homeschool Moms joined forces through social media with camera and brushes for a Glamour and Beauty Experience Savannah, GA

SOCIAL MEDIA GETS A BAD WRAP The title of this blog post is really the reason why I love social media so much. There are so many reasons why social media gets a bad rap, I’ll just share a few: The realization that real connections are at jeopardy Cyber-bullying Decreased productivity Lack of privacy I could go on and on. And I’m sure each of you reading here has a story to match each reason listed. And despite the major […]