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Walk the Faith: How to Trust God During the Hard Times

Romans 8:28 And we know that God causes everything to work together the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.   Entrepreneurial women of faith, there will be hard times in your business. That is a fact.  There will be times where you wonder, was I really called to this, Is this the business that God has truly called me to do, am I doing the right thing, am I chasing the […]

Cause Marketing: 4 Ways to Connect with Customers Through Charity Partnerships

Introduction Have you ever considered implementing a unique marketing strategy? If you have a Heart for God and Heart for Business it only makes sense that your business is connected and associated with a cause. This kind of partnership should be coming from a spiritual desire to do good rather than merely to make a profit. This desire to do good can be done by partnering with a non-profit agency. Connecting your marketing efforts with a non-profit agency is a […]

6 Secrets for Women Who Want to Have It All: Including Working Life Balance

Introduction This question,“can women have it all?” really puts a lot of pressure on women to believe that we actually are responsible for doing it all or that we have to do it “all”. It imposes the idea that “all”, is only our responsibility. It removes the men in our lives from the equation. Let’s ask that another way. Can men really have it all? How did that feel? What effect does that question have on men? I guess somehow […]

3 Easy Ways to Create a Business out of Your Ministry

Introduction As women of faith, we all have ministry within us. We are all called to attend to the needs of someone. We may not hold the title of Minister, but if we are true to our walk with Christ we will minister unto someone. Some of us may be called to minister to the masses through business. What do I mean by ministry? In the literal sense of creating a business out of your church…no. I do not mean […]