3 Easy Ways to Create a Business out of Your Ministry


As women of faith, we all have ministry within us. We are all called to attend to the needs of someone. We may not hold the title of Minister, but if we are true to our walk with Christ we will minister unto someone.

Some of us may be called to minister to the masses through business. What do I mean by ministry? In the literal sense of creating a business out of your church…no. I do not mean to commercialize the church. I don’t mean to take the money of those who are searching for salvation.

I am however saying that you can turn your purpose in God and your natural skills that God has gifted you with into a business.

The big idea here is that ministry happens outside of the church. Ministry is within you because you are a child of God. Creatively think of how you will minister through your Business. In order to do so you must consider these three things:

Don’t choose between Business and Ministry
First and foremost do not get caught up in the idea that you have to choose the more literal ministry work over your vocational skills. There’s a misconception that the work of ministers and pastors is more God-honoring than the work of an entrepreneur.
We are all called to minister but our vocations will be different. Identifying and connecting how your vocation or business allows you to minister to others is where you begin to see God as work in your business.

3 Easy Ways to Create a Business

Identify your professional skills as gifts from God
Finding purpose in your daily work through the eyes of God is dependent on you realizing that the work you do should be God-honoring. It’s not really about you. Your excellent creative skills in business are not independent of God. Your business and marketing savvy isn’t something you were just born with or simply learned through education. Your knack for these things, your desires around serving through business come from the ultimate God of the universe. He’s placed those skills there. For his kingdom and to get the glory. it’s not something you just acquired in.

Learn How Faith is at Work in Your Business
Business is a sure fit way to test your faith in God. When the going gets rough in business will you continue? Will you choose to serve others in your business the way God has called, will you choose to operate in ethical ways despite how your competitors run their business? If your answer is yes then you are operating in faith. Learn how God wants you to show faith in your business. When you choose to proclaim the name of God as your CEO that is faith and ministerial in the least. You are moving yourself to the side and allowing God to use your business to accomplish his will here on earth.


As women of faith, we may feel the need to separate business from our faith. We do this through the conditioning of believing that our faith should be separate from our professionalism.

The world tells us to keep our faith in our back pockets and to leave it at home. I’ve read blog posts where outright disgust is shown just for thanking God in relation to business.

How about considering the beautiful opportunities to use your business as a means to uplift and build the kingdom of God, serve people over profits, and to be an ambassador for Christ in the Marketplace.

About the Author: Justina Ford is a Mindset and Success Coach for Multi-passionate Business Minded Women of Faith. Check out her free workbook on 4 Simple steps to visualizing your Dreams and Plans with God.

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Justina is a Pro MUA and Mindset and Success Coach. You can find her in her Facebook Group The Purposeful Pursuit to a Beautiful You.

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