5 Unexpected Reasons Why Every Multi-Passionate Business Woman Should Have a Blog

5 Unexpected Reasons Why Every Multi-Passionate Business Woman Should Have a Blog


This interview has been gaining some buzz in my local town of Savannah and we plan on having a Blogging Party Workshop in November as a result of it. I love doing business intuitively. When I said yes to the interview, I never once saw myself as someone to guide others on a blog. I tend to think of all the technical pieces but when asked, I said yes.

Why did I say yes? Because it felt good. It felt good to help others around their content and the idea of blogging. It’s what I do in my own business. I write because I love writing first and secondly because it helps my ideal clients to shift their mindsets for greater success in their life and business and if they apply the spiritual principles and strategies that I teach, they experience even greater results.

As a result of my love for writing and blogging, this interview came about and now a local in-person workshop is on the books for it! I couldn’t have strategized this outcome if I wanted to. Sometimes operating from a heart and soul place with the faith and confidence that divine strategy is at play, is what propels you forward. I know it sounds woo woo but that’s what has fueled my success this far and I’m not gonna stop now!!

Now for the 5 unexpected reasons why every multi-passionate business momma of faith should have a blog:

5 Unexpected Reasons Why Every Multi-Passionate Business Woman Should Have a Blog

Know Like and Trust

Your audience actually wants to see that you are a real person and not just a stale business. When I was studying my masters, I took on course on business and society and business’s role to operate as a part of society or to work outside and above society. When you choose to blog about your work, success, clients, and even a bit of personal life your increase your like, know and trust factor for your clients and can be the edge of why they choose you over a competitor. Sharing timely and relevant information allows you to communicate with your audience in way that others are missing out on.

Subject Matter Expert

You are positioning yourself as a subject matter expert in your industry. When it comes to picking a service or product, your clients want to work with the business that seems most knowledgeable and educated on the matter

Get More Visibility

Don’t you want more visibility on social media? If you are writing helpful and valuable industry specific pieces on your blog, then people are more likely to share what you are writing with others through social media. No one is talking about your package or program but they are talking about the way you shared that tip or idea that helped them to do better. People share value on social media platforms and that in turn gets you free visibility. Plus every time you write a blog post, it’s another opportunity for you to show up in the search engines and you can create repurposed content in smaller bit-sized pieces from the blog to put out on social media sites as well. It’s quite a beautiful marketing strategy!!

It’s a Free Marketing Channel

You may see yourself as a small business owner with a small marketing budget, well don’t miss out on a free marketing avenue such as blogging. No, we aren’t talking about a personal blog or saying your main source of income should be the ads in a blog. However, a business blog is a marketing channel (just like social media, direct mail, email marketing, etc.) that helps support business growth.

Get More Business

60% of businesses who blog, acquire more customers, according to a HubSpot survey. So yes, blogging done strategically for business will increase your profit. If you are interested in starting your blog or reviving your blog for your business … check out my Endless God-Inspired Content Creation Masterclass. This course is usually only available to the women in my Inner Circle Group Coaching Program but because you took the time to read this blog you can get access to it here for a one time $47.

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Justina is a Pro MUA and Mindset and Success Coach. To schedule a complimentary clarity session with her click on the link calendly.com/purposefulpursuit
You can also find her in her Facebook Group The Purposeful Pursuit to a Beautiful You.

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