5 Success Strategies to Help You Shift Your Limiting Beliefs

Romans 12:2 Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.


How does one truly overcome limiting beliefs? When it comes to limiting beliefs there are a myriad of ways to conquer them. But why should you be concerned with limiting beliefs in the first place?

Limiting beliefs are those tricky little beliefs that we let guide our everyday actions. They can literally direct the course of our lives if we aren’t careful. They are the beliefs that make us feel heavy, sad, and disempowered. They stop us from reaching our full potential or taking inspired action that can cause us to be productive instantly.

How do you know when limiting beliefs are holding you back? Have you ever tried to take action and felt like you just weren’t motivated to move forward. Has there ever been something you know you should be doing but you can’t bring yourself to do it or take action due to heaviness, uneasiness, and simply sometimes you just don’t know? Well, you can safely assume that there is at least one or more limiting beliefs keeping you paralyzed.

As a woman in business, you can begin to make progress in your vision and goals more quickly by shifting your limiting beliefs. Here is an 5 step process to shifting your beliefs. It is a process of testing what is good, acceptable and perfect like the bible teaches us.

5 success strategies

1.The first step is to become aware of the beliefs. You don’t know what you don’t know. A lot of times I find that women in Biz don’t even realize that they are being held back by negative beliefs. These are invisible feelings that we think we have to live with. For example, “No, I can’t share my story because my family will reject me” or “I can’t tell people no if I have a means to help them” or “If I’m successful I will have the burden of carrying everyone on my back” “I’m not good enough”. These beliefs dictate what actions we take and how we show up or not show up in our purposeful businesses. Track your beliefs and don’t worry about shifting all at once. It may literally take 2 weeks per belief, but in the meantime begin tracking the beliefs that you become aware of as they pop up and work at them one at a time.

2. We must diligently find the root of these beliefs. These beliefs stem from our childhood experiences and finding the initial root allows us to tackle the emotion that stirred up within us when we didn’t receive what we wanted initially from the experience. Not getting what we wanted during this experience is what actually cause the belief, to begin with. For example “You only get rejected when you speak up” You spoke up because you wanted to feel accepted and you didn’t get that feeling so you created another belief around the experience. This belief has begun to shape your life and what choices you make.

3. How did it make you feel not to receive what you truly wanted from that experience? Take a look at the way you were feeling. Were you feeling fear, worthlessness, not-enoughness, loneliness, sadness? If so acknowledge it and release that feeling unto God. Begin to feel the compassion for your younger self- knowing that it was perfectly acceptable for you to feel that way. This can take anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour. Take the time you need to acknowledge what the old you felt and release it. Sending love to the area of your body that is feeling heavy while doing this.

4. Now it’s time to release that person. Can you forgive that person? Can you think of any reasons why this person may have felt compelled to act this way? We all know that hurt people. So begin to empathize with this person. Tell the story of why they may have done this based on what they could have been going through. This is a huge step to forgiveness, releasing and letting go of the negative believe that you created for yourself.

5. Next step is to experience the true lesson that you learned from this experience. To accept what this experience has brought into your life. Look for the good from this experience. We know that God works all things out for our good. The enemy may mean it for bad but our God can turn that thing over for good.

Now that you’ve processed through this, test that belief again with these 5 easy questions:

1. Is this belief 100% True?

2. Could at least one person prove this belief wrong?

3. How would this belief make someone feel?

4. What would the opposite of this belief be?

5. How does that opposite belief make you feel?


Your limiting beliefs can either hold you back or guide you. It all depends on what you desire for your life and business. God can be your driving force but you need to listen and be aware of how he is directing you. Take Action and start asking yourself what are these limiting beliefs that are holding me hostage to my full purpose. Entrepreneurship is truly a journey. Be true to yourself.

Justina is a Pro MUA and Mindset and Success Coach. To schedule a complimentary clarity session with her click on the link  calendly.com/purposefulpursuit
You can also find her in her Facebook Group The Purposeful Pursuit to a Beautiful You.

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