7 Powerful Things Every God-Centered Mompreneur Needs in Order to Boost Her Confidence for Next Level Business Success


I know you have the entrepreneurial spirit and you are shooting for next business level success! You are ready to get to the next level in your soulful business. That may mean you reached a certain level in your business and plateaued, maybe you’re a service based business and you are ready to increase the level of clients that you are servicing. Maybe this means you are ready to start hiring your own dedicated team to help you make more impact in your purposeful business model. Whatever next level business success means to you, these are the 7 things I know you’ll need in order to boost your confidence and be well on your way to total success.

1.Get to Know Your worth by connecting with your Creator.
God is so good and thinks so highly of us. He doesn’t view us the way we view ourselves. He sees us as his incredible art. You are God’s messenger to the world and you can bring that message through business! I mean that trumps all the negative things we can think of ourselves. When you are trying to boost your confidence you need to know what your creator thinks of you; meditate on it, and rest in it. Because it’s so easy to start the negative inner talk that doesn’t align with God’s thoughts of you. Secondly, Seek God in Prayer in regards to your business plans and goals.

I know self-compassion to be an important factor that many people never consider when it comes to confidence and next level business growth. It’s almost impossible to build a business as a soloprenuer when you suffer from lack of compassion. We are generally already our worst critics so we need an inner voice that allows for kindness expressed to self. Self-compassion gives you the permission to make mistakes, it gives you grace, it’s a means of being kind to one’s self.

3.Separate yourself from negativity
You know that you are the sum of the closest 5 people in your life. Are you connecting with the positive, uplifting, motivated and ambitious people that are willing to pour into your life and your business? Do an audit, find a mentor and/or form a Mastermind group

4.Overcome your limiting beliefs
This is huge. Do the inner mindset work in order to clear and unblock the negative energy surrounding your efforts and actions. You will gain confidence as you get to the root of your fears. Getting to the root and overcoming them will not only increase your confidence but make your more productive which means up leveling in your business.

5.Ask those who love you what value you bring to their life
This is more so an assignment that I believe every woman of faith with an entrepreneurial spirit should do. Business is all about the value you bring to another person’s life. You should be totally clear and specific about the value you are bringing to other’s lives you may be surprised at how connected the value you bring in everyday life is to what you bring in your business.

6.Do the things you are afraid of: Start small don’t overlook the little things you’ve done to step outside your comfort zone.
Starting small and acknowledging your personal growth along this entrepreneurial journey is so essential to confidence boosting. Do step outside of your comfort zone as much as you can. The way you feel after will boost your confidence for sure!

7.Count all your successes, Get testimonials and re-read your testimonials
Count all the successes you have had at your current level regardless of how small it may seem. These small victories lay the framework for what’s to come. Map out how you got those wins and see how it can translate to wins at the next level. This will allow you to create a vision that is based on success and you have the previously existing knowledge to use as a tool at the next level. Knowing what it takes and identifying potential pitfalls lets you know to a certain degree what to expect. This will give you confidence that can be built upon. If you happen to be new in business, simply serve with all your heart don’t forget to get testimonials.

I remember starting many businesses in the past. I would get success in the beginning and as soon as I hit a roadblock I would beat myself up to the point of no return. It was too difficult to continue because of my inner critic and because of the way I treated myself. My confidence was so low because I consistently beat myself up.


So, what I would like you to take away from the 7 powerful things is that you are worthy, you can do it. Get rid of the fear and get out of your comfort zone so you can boost your confidence and get moving to becoming a successful confident entrepreneur.

Justina is a Pro MUA and Mindset and Success Coach. You can find her in her Facebook Group The Purposeful Pursuit to a Beautiful You.


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6 Responses

  1. LOVE THIS JUSTINA!!!!! Thank you so much for writing this <3

    I need to step out of my comfort zone and keep reminding myself that I can do this. I need to stop thinking the words "I don't know what I'm doing."

    Thanks again ^_^

    • Hi Audra!

      You’re so welcome.
      Instead turn that around to. I know how to show up an serve with soul and purpose! That’s your new mantra for success 💙💙

    • Hi Angela!!

      Self-Compassion is such a big one in business. If we constantly beat ourselves up, choose not to be kind, accepting, and loving to ourselves; we overshadow all the wonderful good and impact that we are creating in and through our businesses

    • Thank you! That is one of the best things you can do, instead of scrambling to put them together for a sales page when you finally decide to create one. Testimonials have been pertinent in the buying decision of my ideal clients. Using them in a way that positions your service as the solution is so key!

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