About Me

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As a Energy and Mindset Coach, I’m here to help Multi-Passionate Women of Faith find their purpose, show up and show out! As a long time makeup artist, I know that beauty comes from within and it’s hard to feel beautiful when you feel like you are leaving out a piece of yourself while trying to operate in your purpose.

As an entrepreneur I know that this road to entrepreneurship is one of personal development. We learn, we grow, we become more confident, strong, and trusting of ourselves, as we go on this journey of self-discovery.

As a counselor and coach, I can help you embrace the entrepreneurial mindset needed in order to be successful in walking in your God-give purpose and help you clear the mindset blocks keeping you so far from fulfilling that something greater within you.

And as a woman of faith, I know that building a life and business of purpose is a co-creative process with God. I can help you to manifest your desires in a God-centered way.

I know you want to feel complete, you want to feel like you are accessing your many talents and gifts. You want to feel that harmonious balance in your business. You don’t want to feel all over the place, you want to feel like you are flowing in your divine purpose and not loosing a piece of yourself along the way!

Multi-passionate woman, lets build your purposeful business. I’m not talking in the cookie-cutter one size fits all way either! Besides, that would never work for you anyway because you have so many pieces to your inner soul and I’m here to help you fuse them all together in one cohesive purposeful brand.


Professional Bio:

Justina Ford is a Certified Published Makeup Artist  turned Spiritual Mindset and Strategy Coach. Justina teaches heart-centered creatives how to get out of their heads, embrace their self worth, and utilize their God-given talents. Through her work, clients have experienced personal and professional breakthroughs that allow them to clear mental and emotional blocks that have transformed their life and business. She believes, real beauty starts with you; it’s time to embrace the value of your uniqueness  so you can propel forward and operate in your purpose.  Justina holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology, Master’s in Human Service Counseling focused in Business with additional training in the Emotional Freedom Technique.  She has worked with high-end clients such as South Magazine, Fox 8 News, Toyota Chevrolet, and the US Census Bureau.