Accuser of Self

I was in church the other day and I was listening to all the characteristics of Satan himself. One stood out to me the most. I mean over the years I’ve been exposed to his many characteristics and ways. However, one had always confused me or had me wondering about more.

Also I’ll share that I have this weird belief (I’d say it’s pure truth but you’ll have to decide for yourself) that a lot the “ways” of Satan or actions that he would engage in WE do and act these ways ourselves:

Here are the ways!

1. We “kill “ourselves and people by the words that come out our mouths

2. We “steal” by taking others joy and or downing our own dreams

3. We “destroy” by self-sabotaging actions and mindsets.

There has been another saying of satan being the accuser of the brethren and I always wondered what it is that he has to accuse us of or why he would waste time accusing us when he could be doing more damage?

There was this picture created in my mind of satan going into heaven and seriously nagging God about the horrible things that we do on a daily basis. So he’s there waving his fingers pointing at us from heaven telling God

  • how much we suck

  • how we failed at this

  • how we did not show enough faith

  • how we slacked in our marriages,

  • how we were lazy with the talents that God has given us

He’s there accusing us and Jesus is there saying Shut Up Dude! I’ve done enough to cover their shortcomings, I am enough, I’ve given them grace.

However, remember I mentioned to you about this belief that we do the same things that the devil himself does to others and ourselves…well here it is. We are accusers of ourselves!

We tell ourselves:

  • how we arent worth it

  • how we haven’t done enough to be what we really want

  • how our creative efforts are short of value

  • how we’ll never amount to anything because we messed up at A or B.

Well, well…Way to be self-accusers and kill, steal, and destroy our own goals and dreams in life!

Let’s stop blaming the devil for why we arent successful and take time to be aware of how we are destroying ourselves!

We want to live abundant lives, we’re fully capable of living abundant lives, so lets live and speak words of life, give freely to others and ourselves, validate ourselves and give birth to our creativity. What are you creating in life right now? I’d love to co-creative with you 😉

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