Are You Receiving the Manifestation with Gratitude?

If you understand manifestation and you’ve gotten all the way to that thing that you desire finally materializing before your eyes, ask yourself… Are your receiving the manifestation with gratitude?
Boy, this was an eye opening question for me. Yes in the general sense I am a grateful person. I thank God for waking me up, my kids, my home, my business, my friends, my family, my life in general. But recently, I came to the realization that I’ve manifested something really big in my life and I didn’t even show an ounce of gratitude toward it.
It’s centered around my husband and I both living freedom-based lifestyles. Living life on our own terms, having our own businesses, an building a legacy for our family. This is huge. I’ve prayed for this, visualized, taken action toward this, operated in the flow of the ups and downs in regard to this, and really just communicated it right into existence. But once I got it…I didn’t fully, intentionally, and presently receive it. I noted it, I realized it but I never received further more considered gratitude.
Receiving the Manifestation with Gratitude
Instead, I created this unrealistic fear around it. Oh my goodness, we’re both with no steady paychecks now, will we be able to pay our mortgage? I immediately went right into future worries and considerations. “Have no thought for tomorrow”? Hmm…that went right out the window instead of thanking God for creating this opportunity for us to create the lifestyle we’ve been so dreaming and journaling about!
So, here we are with the perfect opportunity to make this the best time in our lives and to live in alignment with our values and desires. I’m thankful to be able to operate in the awareness of manifesting principles at work once again in a new cycle at a whole new level. I love this symbolism for entering a new level of faith and manifestation! God is good <3
What have you been asking for, desiring, or being intentional about? Take some time to consider what you’ve manifested and see if you allotted the time to sit with it and be present. Don’t let those many moments of realization that you’ve created something wonderful in your life to pass you by so quickly.

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