Mindset Coaching and Makeup Artistry with Justina Ford

Accuser of Self

I was in church the other day and I was listening to all the characteristics of Satan himself. One stood out to me the most. I mean over the years I’ve been exposed to his many characteristics and ways. However, one had always confused me or had me wondering about more. Also I’ll share that I have this weird belief (I’d say it’s pure truth but you’ll have to decide for yourself) that a lot the “ways” of Satan or […]

Vulnerability in Relationships and Business is the Same

Do you ever feel vulnerable in your relationship? Can we be vulnerable intentionally or does this happen on accident?  I think sometimes we find ourselves in a vulnerable position where it’s time to be honest or open about the way we feel and we weren’t necessarily ready for it. Vulnerability for some can seem like something that pops up in an unexpected moments and oops..your faced with the icky word and feeling “vulnerable”. I used to hate this feeling. Feeling […]

Are you committing spiritual suicide?

  Are you committing spiritual suicide? Do you talk down to yourself and tell yourself that you can’t do “it”? Are you filling your head with negative ideas about yourself and your efforts? Are you constantly telling others about your “downfalls” and looking for others to feel sorry for you?   If you find yourself doing this then you can consider it spiritual suicide. “Suicide is the process of purposely ending one’s own life” Dryden-Edwards 1996-2011). The word that sticks out […]

The Path Perceived

Hair & Makeup: Justina Ford Photographer: Charlotte Wilson   Are you on the Perceived Path or the Soul-Filled Divine Path?   Have you started out in life doing what others told you to do or following this expected path? Then after reaching the perceived goal; realized it wasn’t even what you wanted. So if you’re in a position, a role, a job and you’re asking yourself how did I get here or feeling like something’s missing… this just doesn’t line up, then […]