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What My Clients Taught Me This Week

What is a boudoir session really? I see boudoir as an outlet for a woman to see her femininity in a new light. These images are usually taken for a spouse but I tell my clients to think of this as a pampering session for you as well. It’s a part of self-care to allow someone else to spend time on you.  Its about a transformation and seeing yourself in a more sensual way. I’m sharing this concept of self-care […]

So Much More Than Makeup

So Much More than Makeup I’ve spent the last two years thinking, pondering, and wondering on how I can verbalize what it means to be “so much more than”. Well, after engaging in one on one coaching conversations with my own personal coach, my own coaching calls with women and group coaching calls with multiple women, I think I’ve finally put my finger on it! We all have titles, we have what people see us as on a daily basis […]