He Has Already Provided

God has equipped you. Even if you cant see it now, have faith and unwavering faith that he has given you what you need. I remember a time when I was struggling with putting some ideas and thoughts I had to paper and I literally went weeks thinking about it and feeling like I couldn’t verbalize what I had felt in my heart. Soon enough, I finally opened a book that had been sitting out in the open on my desk  and it was literally what I needed to breathe some life and provide some further inspiration into the ideas and thoughts that I wanted to share with others.

I told myself this was a lesson. It was a huge lesson for me to always remember that God has provided (he’s not providing or will provide, but he has already provided) The tools and resources that we need are literally already available to us. They won’t reveal themselves until you walk in faith and start taking action. If you sit on the other side of that door saying,  “I will walk through when I get what I need”, you’ll never get it. Because the tools and resources are on the other side of that door and you need to walk through first. Take inspired action and trust God along the way.

 He Has Already Provided

Are you going to grab a hold of the resources and allow God to bless you with His abundance? Or are you going to keep relying on yourself and thinking that you have all the answers or that you have to wait until you are good enough to show up and serve others.?

You make the choice!

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