How Two Creative Homeschool Moms joined forces through social media with camera and brushes for a Glamour and Beauty Experience Savannah, GA


The title of this blog post is really the reason why I love social media so much. There are so many reasons why social media gets a bad rap, I’ll just share a few:

  1. The realization that real connections are at jeopardy

  2. Cyber-bullying

  3. Decreased productivity

  4. Lack of privacy

I could go on and on. And I’m sure each of you reading here has a story to match each reason listed. And despite the major issues above, social media when used in the right way can yield some pretty amazing results.

Glamour and Beauty Experience


I for one could never go without social media. I mean as homeschooling mom there are so many online resources for us as entrepreneurs too. I’d lose connection with my audience and special clients that connect with me via social media. I couldn’t imagine doing either of those daily tasks without it . And just to show what positivity can come out of social media I wrote this post about how 2 homeschool moms made a connection via social media and created a beautiful Glamour and Beauty Experience for a lovely client.


So, I’ll start by how we connected. So, I’m sitting at my computer and a random message comes through on my Facebook messenger. I don’t recognize the name but she’s stating how we have so much in common and she’d love to connect. See, what you put out on social media really will attract the right kind of people. I asked her how we are connected on Facebook and she reminded me of a post I had shared in a Facebook group that we were in together. I had posted this image here just sharing my past work for reference and to stay in the minds of my ideal clients.

Nancy began to fill me in about our connection around homeschooling and I was even happier! It’s a great feeling to connect with other creatives but when you’re connecting with another homeschool entrepreneur you feel so understood. Facebook groups are such an amazing way to stay connected with real people in your industry. The key is getting out of the house and actually meeting. And we did this.


So..yup less than a week later Nancy and I met up at Studio Share Savannah. It was a lovely! This is a newer studio in the Savannah Georgia area. Studio Share Savannah offers two studio rental options: monthly studio memberships and single 3-hour blocks. Memberships are $400 per month and include 8 blocks of time (six weekday and two weekend). Each block is 3 hours long. They also offer reduced rates for 3 and 6 month commitments.

Since we just recently got together for this session images are being edited and will be on the blog soon…here is a sneak peek image of what we worked on together

Behind The Scene Images

Makeup behind the scene

Hair and Makeup by Justina Ford behind the scenes in progress

J. Ford Makeup Artist in action





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