I’ll Never Be a Real Business Owner




I hear women use this phrase “I’ll never be a real business owner”. They secretly tell me their greatest fear of never being a real business owner.


You know what I say, “You’re right you will never BE a business….you’re more than that. And you’ll never be an Owner…technically you dont own anything. It all belonged to God first.”


This thing called BEING is so much bigger than we like to ponder on, Who you are is bigger than the titles that others want to put on you and bigger than the titles even you feel you need to hold or carry in order to BE someone or somebody.


Your existence is greater than the stale walls and barriers of a traditional “business”.


Maybe what you really want is to carry yourself in a professional manner and have your soul clients invest in your services.


I mean in all honesty being in business means you are engaging in these activities below

You  take the time to be clear about your offerings

You are a decision maker

You are taking nothing and turning it into something

You have a heart to serve your soul clients

You serve them authentically and genuinely

You take the time to research what your clients want and need (these two are pretty different)

You are learning the way your clients speak so you can stand out in a crowd of sameness

You are being strategic about the solutions you provide to your clients

Youare staying connected and visible with your clients through transformational content that truly solves problem


Sometime we struggle with the cliche titles and labels let’s digger deeper on these things and really evaluate if we are being who we truly want to be.


Qualities of a business owner:


Are you being:


A go-getter

Decision Maker





Humble resilient







You see this title of business owner is much broader than we think. . It’s about possessing the qualities of a business owner first then bringing in the profit.


A lot of times I see women who want the profits but they don’t want to show up for themselves. They aren’t driven, they aren’t confident, yet they want the title of business owner, entreprenuer whatever you want to call it.


Work on being the woman who serves others, shows up for herself, and keeps her word before you can be a successful “business owner”. This is the essence of becoming the woman you want be. You do this by embodying her, acting in the now, the way she would if she had all the money, possessions, and things that you desire
You can do it, it first takes working on yourself, your mindset, and outlook of whose business you are operating!

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