I’m Not Enough

When heart-centered mompreneurs finally get clear on their purpose and their why…..

Then BAM!!

It hits them… they feel like their “why” doesn’t exactly match up with the level they feel their talent or skill should be at. They don’t feel like they are enough.

This feeling can be so paralyzing especially if you go into comparing yourself to others. This idea of not feeling like your talent is where it should be stems from feeling like you in the current moment are not enough for the audience that you want to serve.

I’d ask you to explore other areas in your life where you’ve felt like you aren’t enough.

  • Is there a relationship where you feel like you aren’t enough?
  • Are there other projects that you are working where you feel like you aren’t delivering enough?
  • Are your parents judging your current choices?
  • Does your husband discourage your efforts

If you are finding a common theme to multiple areas in your life where you are feeling like you aren’t enough, I invite you to consider these 3 steps.

What are your expectations of what you should be doing in your business?
Are you expecting something in return from the creative action you’re taking in business? One of these actions is creating valuable content. When you think about the content you are putting out and you begin to question yourself, is it more so that you are expecting people to like it or comment on it. Let go of the attachments and expectations from what you put out into the world. You are only capable of YOUR BEST and your best is GOOD ENOUGH.

What if this feeling of “not being enough” is a lie…Consider the Truth:
Just because a thought such as, “you aren’t enough” pops up into your mind it doesn’t mean it’s true. Every thought and self-talk communication that slips through into our minds do not get the validity of being a reality for you. When a thought pops up that doesn’t serve you force yourself to find an alternating thought that does serve. Make it your business to pause write down both thoughts cross out the other and meditate on the new thought. Go to god’s word to find the opposite. You can even perform a google search for an affirmation to offset the “I am not enough” self-talk.

Here is a link from a quick google search of 100 positive affirmations http://www.prolificliving.com/100-positive-affirmations/

Let go of the thoughts:
The step above is a way to loosen the entanglement of the thoughts centered around your feelings of not being enough. And just remember that letting go of a thought doesn’t mean you will all of a sudden feel good. It just means that you have chosen to become aware that these thoughts are there and you chose to move forward despite the thoughts. You’re choosing to move forward past the fear, create despite the fear, take action despite the doubt, become visible despite the doubt.

These thoughts may linger for some time, but the more you move through the feelings, the more you create from an authentic heart-centered place, the more you take action and the more you choose to be visible the feelings of not being enough start to fade to the back of your mind

Right now, you may be feeling like our skill set, your talent, your abilities, what you have to offer….  isn’t enough for the special people that you’re wanting to provide a solution too. “Will I really help this person, will they get enough out of what I have to offer?”

 I’m Not Enough

And here is just a little further insight with this fraud syndrome because that’s what it really is. 

For one you’ll never know if what you are offering is enough if you never try. For two, you create because it’s an innate part of you. You are creating from a heart and soul-centered place. Your creation comes out of your appetite to create. Not because you need some sort of approval. And even after you try and you get feedback from others saying how great you’ve been with them, you still may get those feelings that rise up and tell you, you aren’t enough. What will you do with those feelings? Revisit Step 1 -3 once again! 

Remember this when those feelings pop up:

– It doesn’t matter what level you’re at in your field, everyone deals with that feeling of being enough
– You are helping those that are a few steps behind you…so to them you are enough

And the biggest kicker of them all:

-God works through us and in us by utilizing our weaknesses so that he can get the glory.

So yes you may never feel like you are enough but God has covered that and said that you are!!

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5 Responses

  1. Oh thank you!

    The feels like it’s been written just for me, just what I need right now. I will have to go over steps 1,2 and 3 often to remind my self and to remember I’m here to help and the help I give is good enough.

    • Hi Susan,

      I’m so glad that you could resonate with the words here. These words are just as much for me as anyone else that identifies with it. Thank you for reading!

  2. I just read this again. It is one of my biggest problems with putting myself out there. I don’t feel like my skills are where I want them to be. And you are right, I am enough. I will probably be rereading this over this next week to help me stay focused on accomplishing some goals toward my business.

    • I think it is so important for us to remember that where we are in our skill set is not a measure of the impact that we can have on other lives. Showing up authentically is what people really need these days. There is someone 2 to 3 steps behind where you that needs to see you operating in your purpose so that they can see that it is achievable.

    • So honored you read this again. You are enough now. As along as we mull over what cant do or wish we could do we never grow in the current things we are able to do!!

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