Industry Connection

Industry Connect

So, now that we are aware of the different industries, have you thought about how you go about reaching them or making yourself known to them? It’s so important so have some insight or tips on reaching out to these complimentary businesses.

Local Magazine

Within local magazines you should be scouring the pages for the published photographers within them. When you find the photographers in these magazines, make contact. Also most local magazines have a website. Either in the cover or the website you should be able to find the Creative Directors. These are the people that receive the request and keep lists of available makeup artists. Get on their list and follow up often.

Production Teams

Production Teams are AMAZING to work with. These types of businesses are everywhere. Usually these types of businesses want to see that you are able to do natural commercial makeup, so please don’t send samples of heavy makeup. They won’t get it! Search local productions teams and get on their list. You are looking for their creative arts department on this one too.

Advertising Agencies

The same effort goes in with advertising agencies; this is how you attempt to get more commercial work. Advertising agencies are trying to get businesses more visible and they not only value, but provide the services of makeup artistry as part of their package when working on print ads or televised ads The key here is to make yourself known and to become visible to these kinds of markets. I absolutely enjoy teaching others how to leverage themselves in order to make themselves more visible.


Are you looking to get your foot in the door with the film and commercial industry? There are three key ways to do this: Get listed on your local film commission directory.  Reach out to local colleges that have media, documentary and film programs. Volunteer to work on their sets. 48 hour film festivals are a good way to get credits, specifically ImbD credits. Those are the ones that count.


Event makeup would be your typical birthday party, prom, or special event where someone is more focused on their makeup lasting all night. It’s less about the way it translates on a professional camera with professional lighting. I don’t tend to do a lot of request for this category because you end up dealing with people that want to negotiate your rates, it’s a per person rate which is less money and more work in my opinion. However, if this is the route you would like to go or even the only way you are comfortable starting out then word of mouth is extremely important. I would caution against spending a lot of time here because you miss out on the opportunity to obtain free quality images for your portfolio. You may however, invest is a quality camera and take your own


The bridal industry is pretty self-explanatory. The easiest way to get your foot in the door is to have killer bridal images of diverse models, Black, White, Latino, and Asian. It also helps if you learn to style hair. Making connections with complimentary vendors in the wedding industry makes sense also. Here is a list to think about:

Florist                                     Hair Stylist

Cake vendors                          Wedding planners

Venues                                    Hotels

Photographers                       Caterers

Published work in bridal magazines

You must make contact with these vendors. You can offer your services at a discount with there’s or even free with there until you get your name out there. If you can set up a TFP with an up and coming photographer who isn’t already established then you can offer your makeup services as a part of his packages at half off or free. This gets you real wedding experience and images to go in your portfolio and also offers value to the photographer who can now separate himself from other photographers who don’t have makeup services to add to their package. Remember this is for first starting out. So you could offer the first three weddings free then increase your rates with the photographer from there. This is just an example of the many ways you can partner with like-minded businesses in the wedding industry. Wedding planners would probably for something like this as well.

Boudoir Photography

This was my absolute favorite way to start out in the makeup industry. If you think of yourself as a makeup artist trying to secure clients all alone and in competition with others…well it’s lonely and usually unsuccessful trying to build a business alone. Photographers are usually the number one complimentary businesses to makeup artist. Seeking out a niche like boudoir photographer will guarantee that you are reaching out to a photographer that values hair and makeup. This is where practicing to curl and style hair comes into play. As a makeup artist expanding your services to styling hair is very beneficial to your business. On set you are not required to have a cosmetology degree in order to touch hair. The rules of film and photography are not regulated like a n.

Professional Headshots

Again a photographer that specialized in professional headshots is bound to need a makeup artist. In this industry you are working with business professionals that value their appearance. I have worked on doctors, lawyers, real estate agents you name it. They are there business so they value branding and looking good. The two types of photographers above are the best photographers to reach out to. Now when you reach out to these photographers do not ask them if they need a makeup artist. That insults their intelligence and professionalism. 10 times out of 10 they are already working with a dedicated artist. You are trying to get your foot in the door. Simply ask to do a test shoot or ask to be added to their list of available makeup artist. That shows that you respect the relationship that may already have in place with the artist they are currently working with. Don’t discuss rates or anything of that nature you are simply trying to build a connection.

Agency Representation

How many of you are seeking agency representation? This is a hard thing to come by. You must have a very established portfolio. Many professional makeup artist get portfolio reviews by mentors before walking through the door of an agency. You must have killer images that display your ability to do COMMERCIAL work. Not Alicia’s makeup around the corner. I did receive local agency representation but they will send you on a lot of free work to build up a portfolio that they deem fit in order to start marketing to you to their clients. In this instance you get experience working with professional teams, you’re building a relationship, and after they feel comfortable with you working with minor clients they then have confidence to send you on jobs for larger clients. You also get official call sheets and mood boards with clear cut direction on what they expect from you as a makeup artist. In the group I can upload sample call sheets and mood boards so when you receive them it won’t be your first time viewing them.

Local Celebrities

Have you ever wanted to do makeup for celebrities?? Well its possible even in the small town of Jacksonville, NC ( I used to live there at one point in my life) How does this work? I’m sure you follow a celebrity or two on social media. If you pay attention you will hear about who’s coming to your town. They make announcements on radio, social media, and television commercials. When you get wind of this info, find the celebrities’ contact for their team. It’s usually listed directly on their social media pages or official websites. It’s cheaper not to have to travel with a team so sometimes the may take you up on your offer of being the local makeup artist in town ready to do their makeup when they get there.

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