Industry Identification

12282022_10204922697418190_1618528435_oIndustry Identification

Local Magazines

Local Production Teams

Advertising Agencies

Film/ Commercial

Casting Agencies

Local Television Broadcast companies



Boudoir Photography

Professional Head-shot Photography

Local Agency representation

Local Celebrities

It’s so important to determine which area of work you enjoy the most. It took me three years to figure out which areas I enjoy best and which areas of the makeup were aligned with my values and overall goals.


I didn’t know anything about these fields because I had not worked in them, I didn’t have the experience. I did not have relationships with makeup artists that were willing to take the time to teach me these industries and the ins and outs of them. They were too busy being my competition.


There are very few makeup artists that will lay out a breakdown of these industries and then tell you what you need to do to reach these industries how to streamline your portfolios to allow your work to translate to these industries. That is what I have learned and part of why I have booked $5,000 Makeup jobs!


I started off doing boudoir hair and makeup and that easily steered me into i-candy stuff. Well that wasn’t the kind of image and branding that I wanted for my business. How did I end up there? Because I didn’t have a clear understanding of all the areas in the makeup industry. I just floated where the jobs took me.


After I completed my makeup training I did not have a better grasp on these industries and I did not understand how to penetrate these industries. You can leverage off of my experience and skip the steps of having to try each industry to figure it out on your own, Fast-forward your success.


Yes you can do local magazine work starting out in this industry. I can teach you how to reach them and what they are looking for in your work. I can steer you in the right path for the type of makeup you should learn and also what type of makeup work you should spend time doing. The type that PAYS!!


Determining the area of work that you want to work in now is important because you can begin to build a business centered on just that. It will affect the type of portfolio work that you engage in. It will help you streamline the type of collaborative work that you take part in. You will eliminate wasted time and efforts. I can take you on process of reverse engineering to determine this at the beginning of your career as a freelance makeup artist in my beauty coaching program.



It’s so important to remember that consumers should not be your main way for obtaining work. If you are charging $50 a face how many faces do you have to do to make $50,000 in your makeup business? Did you do the math yet?? Well…that’s 1000 faces that book you individually. Now you may say well I can do an average of 6 faces per wedding. Well that would be 150 wedding that you have to do each year. There are 52 weeks in a year that 3 weddings every weekend that you would need to book.

This is why identifying the local industry clients in your area is essential. This is the way you begin to make real money in your makeup business by securing high-end industry professional clients. Do a google search and look up casting agencies “your city”. Plug in each industry that I have identified above. By the end of this week you should have a list of at least 10 industry clients that you can potentially work with. Think production teams, advertising agencies, casting agencies.

Industry Identification Audio