Inner Circle Orientation

Welcome to the Inner Circle Ladies



It is so exciting to have you join us for this new round of the inner circle. This time around we are treating this like a mastermind group. I am looking forward to meeting with you weekly through the FB LIVE FORUM and also bi-weekly for our GROUP COACHING CALLS.

Ladies please utilize the forums. I go in depth to answer question that are there. Utilize the forum for:

  • General Program Questions

  • Posting Goals

  • Posting To-do-lists

  • Sharing scenarios

  • Asking personal or business related questions

The forums are for your benefit. I will go live to

  • Answer all questions

  • Do mini eft sessions that are tailored to your scenario

  • Possible even share my screen if neccessary

  • Do live coaching if you show up live

Intro Call Foundation Questions: Please answer from a personal stance. Then think about these same questions from a business standpoint. You may want to answer them on separate day to get a better perspective. Here is a link to your welcome packet.

Get Clear on the Inner You

What do you stand for?

What legacy do you want to leave behind?

What do you want to be known for?

You are solving problems in your life and business. You are a heroine! What are you saving the world (your ideal clients) from? Give yourself a fun title!

Know Your WHY!

Let Your Inner Match Your Desired You

Who is the woman that you aspire to be? (Realize that you can embody her today)

What are the activities that you would engage in today if you were embodying the woman that has all that you aspire to have, right now?

What would she wear, what would she eat, how would she react to conflict, what books would she read, what movies would she watch.

Take part in those things now! It’s about taking action and the actions of the self that you see in the future on today!



We have to declare some things:

  • what are you not putting up with any longer

  • what are the things that you refuse to engage in

  • what are the things that you are tired of telling yourself no to

Write your declaration letter. What do you declare that will be different, change, remain the same?


Divine Scheduling

Use this workbook to determine how your life and business will cohesively align together


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