Inner Circle Week 2 God CEO Thinking

Week 2

God-Centered CEO Thinking

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Ladies you have determined that you want to do business without conforming to the world. You want a business where you can acknowledge God and Give Him glory in your professional life.


As you begin to grow your business remember that God is ever present


Getting clear on what God is like so we can align ourselves with his character.

He is our model and guide


God is Abundant: We have all we need and God provides all we need. Do you truly believe this?

Abundance Mindset: We have to relinquish our lack mentality. When we go into business for ourselves there is a mindset that pops up around lack.

  • Not enough resources
  • Not enough clients
  • Not enough time
  • Not enough money

We must tackle this mindset now before you beginning or continuing on the journey of following your purpose and walking in your calling.


God takes pleasure in Himself (Gen 1:4, 10, 12, 18, 21, 25) (God rejoiced in his works)

You must determine how you will rejoice in your own work. Meaning giving yourself praise for the wonderful talents and skills that you have developed, It means getting exciting about the work you do and knowing that it is good!


Self-Compassion over Perfectionism

Resource: http://kimfredrickson.com/2015/09/07/is-self-compassion-biblical/ (must read ladies)

We must have grace with ourselves in our business development journey

We will make mistakes in business but hold the vision of yourself in grace and truth at the same time.


Holistic Healing and New Age Practices

Throughout this course you will be exposed to Holistic Healing Protocols that Honor Jesus. Below is a video about the differences between healing modalities and New Age Belief. I do not adhere to New Age Beliefs but I do belief that Mind, Body, Work, is essential to having God-Centered CEO-Thinking. Here is a short video on my take!



Visualizing Your Business Plans with God


The Workbook