Inner Circle Week 4 Your Timeline

Week 4 Your Timeline/Your Story


Timeline Worksheet

Timeline Lesson

This week I want you to spend time working on your timeline. You have stories that you can share with others that have shaped your, trials that you have gone through, wins that you can share, Childhood ideas and inspirations. An easy way that I have worked through my own stories has been by doing an actual timeline. It is helpful to think of those pivotal things in a linear fashion. Start from a small child and work your way up!! Don’t discount any of your experiences. It’s time to just sort it out on paper!!


This video is long but his story is amazing and I love how he has a lot of failure but he learns the gift and applies the lesson to move forward to turn it into something more! 17 mins story, inspiring, and he is God-centered! He asked some key questions for you to ponder at the end.

Getting clear on your story helps you determine if you are aligned with your business and helps you tie those pieces together!