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You love makeup!

You love making other women feel beautiful! 

You want to do something in life that you love!

It’s time to make money!

You want to move past applying makeup to your own face and friends day in and day out.

You’ve played in your product-filled makeup kit for far too long!



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So the Makeup Business Report is finally here!!

This report digs into 5 key areas that most beginning makeup artist never think about when starting out that hinders them from making money fast.


Mindset makeover: 

Do you really have the mindset to make it in this industry. Are you always pushing yourself or are you somewhat reluctant to move forward in this industry due to negative self-talk or limiting beliefs. This section digs deep into how we hold ourselves back. Assignments and worksheet to help work through these issues are provided

Industry Identification:

Take some time and really figure out which areas in this makeup industry you can serve. Find out the key places that you can find yourself working.

Industry Connect:

Once you become aware of these industries how exactly do you plan to connect with them. Who are the key people that you should be reaching out to? This report fills you in those answers.

Industry Rates:

You’re making contact and now people are asking you for your rates without you having to chase them down. What will you quote that production team for a 3 days worth of work. What will you charge that photographer for 6 models that he has for you to work on? They way you quote your rates says alot about your experience. Don’t tell on yourself, newbie!!

Industry Portfolio Building:

There are a million websites that tell you about TFP’s but how to do align yourself with the perfect scenario, what will you communicate and to who? How will you ensure that the free work you engage in is aligned with where you’re headed in your career? This section tackles just that.



If you love makeup and you’re thinking about getting into this industry check out this report.

If you are a beginning makeup artist that’s wondering how to put yourself out there then this report is for you.

If you’ve been in the industry for a little bit and you haven’t cleared a 5K month in your business yet, this report is for you too.


“A Makeup Artist’s Money-Making Map”

FREE Bonus

Every purchase of the MBI Report comes with:

*A Workbook to help you process and organize all the content ($100 value)

*One Live Group Coaching Call halfway through the program to help you make sense and implement the material that you’ve just taken in ($500 value)

*Access to the MBI Report Facebook group for continued support from  myself and like-minded women that are about their business! I am an active participant and will have office hours to support you! ($500 value)

*3- Audio recording calls on bonus content based in the Makeup Artistry Field ($300 value) 

*Access to a Private Coaching Hour with me at the end of the program to determine your next steps and map out a plan for your business. ($1000)


The program by itself is $2400 value. With BONUSES of over $1000. I am releasing this content and its bonuses for a mere $997. I’m practically giving this away. Get in before my prices go up!

 What people are saying:


~~~”I dont really have anyone close to me that’s into the business of makeup and this community has provided just that. I’m so happy this report finally gave me the space, time, and knowledge to learn what is it that I want to accomplish in this industry. There was so much info I didn’t realize I didn’t know. I was introduced to some ideas that I never really gave much thought. After going through this content I’m finally ready to put myself out there and I’m not worrying about what the next person has to say!—Annell Bellfield, Aspiring MUA

~~~Upon joining the group I thought it would just be other  makeup artists talking about the services they offer and how much they charge. To my surprise and joy it was so much more than that. Justina urged us to dig deeper than the makeup and think about our values and goals. I can definitely say that with the help of this group I was able to determine exactly what it is I want for myself as a makeup artist. Each week we were given information that will be helpful as we advance in our careers. I would recommend the group to any aspiring or current makeup artist because it’s much more than just “how to’s” it’s actually more about finding your place in the industry and going for it full throttle!—Ashley Trent, MUA

~~~Justina Ford’s Makeup Industry Business Report is an informative and valuable program for aspiring and established makeup artists. Personally I found that the knowledge that she shares was full of empowerment, realistic goal setting and support. One of the best things about the program is that from beginning to end she makes you feel like your journey is a partnership. Justina shares her experiences and provides feedback from a working artist perspective. She understands how challenging this industry can be, how difficult it is for us to find the right support and overcome our own self-doubt. You will walk away from the program with a better sense of yourself as an artist and a thorough foundation of how to take your artistry to the next level.—-Cheneè Jones, Pro MUA

~~~It was such a joy working with you during your Program “Makeup Industry Business Report”. Being able to start from week one digging deep into my concerns and fears pertaining to the make up business put me at ease, and helped me to put aside some of those fears and just go for my dreams. Each Step by Step week was carefully laid out to show the Industry, Avenues to Make Money and More. Having a group setting just for us ladies to work on our Challenges for the week was a wonderful way to connect with others as well as continue to be accountable. Thank You for the opportunity to join the group!!—-Angela Hallock, MUA

Payment Plan available here: 2 payments of $547.00