Mindset Makeover

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Use this workbook as you move through each module. There will also be worksheets at the bottom of each module to help better implement the information.

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Mindset Makeover

In my coaching sessions I help creative entrepreneurs to eliminate fear, feelings of unworthiness, doubt, and how to block self-defeating thought patterns and behaviors that literally tear down your business and personal life. Many times these steps are necessary first before beginning a business that requires perseverance, dedication, and commitment. Here I will shed light on some areas that kept me spinning my wheels. I remember telling myself “I can’t do this” or asking myself “will people take me seriously”. I also remember the challenge of holding a dream in my mind and trying to transform it to a physical manifestation of reality.  Here are some specific areas that I help heart-centered individuals pursue creative entrepreneurial careers!

Eliminate the Fear

Fear is a real emotion; we battle with fear daily in many areas of our lives. Unfortunately, if you haven’t mastered how to deal with fear your business will fail. Secret: We never truly master fear. We just master how to live with it. Fear creeps up in how we view our true selves, making ourselves visible in our industry, marketing techniques, our networking endeavors, joint ventures, relationships and it shapes what actions we will take. If we are afraid of what people think about our creative work it will stop us from sharing our work online in a social setting. If we fear that complimentary businesses will not see our value that will cause us not to take action or to aim to low. I remember waiting a year before I stepped into the home office of South Magazine. I held myself back. I could have made that connection a year earlier. I don’t want the girls in my course to let fear hold them back. I want to be alongside them on their journey of eliminating fear and helping them take action that breeds success.

You are Worthy

Our worth….do you feel worthy to be the top performing makeup artist in your area, do you feel worthy to work with the top published photographer in your area? You have to know that you are worthy of having what you want. How do we obtain the mindset of worth? Do things that invest in you! Spend time on you. Read personal development books, partake in self-care, invest in your talents, get coaching, and invest back in your business! It’s not all about buying the latest makeup products. I know women that own more makeup than I’ll ever own and they will always be a hobbyist because they have the mindset of one.

Strategies for Defeating Negative Thoughts


Three helpful techniques for eliminating self-defeating thoughts:

  • Draw a line down the middle of a piece of paper. Write down the negative thought on one side of the paper and force yourself to think of a positive thought that counteracts the negative one. Get pass the uncomfortable feeling and no matter how untrue the new thought feels, think and meditate on it for the day! Keep this paper and add to it daily/weekly (Share your thoughts in the FB group!)

  • Worried about what people are thinking about you? Get a one inch square piece of paper and only fill it with the names of people who actually love your for your faults. That paper is so tiny it reminds you to only worry about the people’s opinions that really matter! (Take a picture of your piece of paper post it in the FB group!)

  • Self-development books principles rooted in biblical principles: Meditating on God’s word and his promises. You can’t go wrong here. When you are aware of what God thinks of you, it forces you to change your own thoughts about yourself! Many times these steps are necessary first before beginning a business that requires perseverance, dedication, and commitment. (Share something positive about yourself in the FB group!)

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