Mindset Coaching


Purpose & Passion

We are all called for a greater purpose.  We have to be ready to work in the area that God has called us to in order to serve others in our heart-centered  and spirit-led businesses.

My passion lies in teaching  creative female entrepreneurs like myself how to get out of their heads and embrace their self worth so they can make the impact in the world they were meant to make.  What is your passion?

If you are here you were probably drawn to the the idea of being more and making a bigger impact on the women in your field. I understand that desire. I am a makeup artist that felt the need to offer more than just a one-time makeover with the goal of beauty. I’m here to offer a mindset transformation that leads to holistic beauty from the inside out. I’m talking beauty in your life and business that positively effects your bottom line.

Self-worth is beautiful, self-love is beautiful, confidence is beautiful. Balancing that all out with a spirituality rooted in principles of God  makes for a huge transformation. In the simplest form I’m a mindset coach but really I’m a beauty and balance co-creator working alongside you to create beauty in all aspects of your life through helping you identify your soulful purpose in your business so that you can start attracting your ideal clients and start making the kind of money you deserve in your business.

My Why

I coach women like you because I know how I would have stayed out of the game. I know that I would have sat on the side lines. I know what my life would have looked like had I stayed on this path of following what others wanted for my life. Had I not stood up for me, found my worth and discovered a love so freeing. I would not have co-created my desires and passions alongside a great God who loves us dearly. He truly puts the desires there. So, grab a hold of those desires and co-create something beautiful in your life. You don’t have to do it alone! This is my purpose to coach creative women entrepreneurs like myself out of being stuck and moving forward and freely into their own purpose.