Does your Intution get you in trouble sometimes?

My intuition gets in me in big trouble sometimes! I’ve begun to speak this to myself, “Justina, just because God has shown it to you doesn’t mean you are supposed to share it with the person now.” Sometimes God will show me clearly how a situation is going to turn out and I’m very clear on the next steps that need to happen and I’m ready to share that with say …my husband because I want to help them. That urge to jump in and help has come back to bite me in the butt plenty of times. Others cant see it the way I do…others may not be ready to view their situation in that way yet and so on. I’ve been telling myself as of lately…”just because you showed it to me God doesn’t mean I’m supposed to share it right now” For those of you who are in tuned with your intuitive abilities do you relate?

Side note: We are all intuitive, just some of us have trusted those feelings/hunches a little more than others and have experienced being wrong enough to be able to evaluate our intuition. I strongly believe intuition is the holy spirit speaking to our hearts and it’s all dependent on how interested we are in listening or being fully present with the presence of God.

Your intuition is an amazing God given gift. Some people have a stronger sense than others due to the fact that they use and cultivate it more than others.  I’m learning that once I received an intuitive message (an unction from the holy spirit) to go deeper within through prayer and ask for guidance regarding what to do with the information that I’ve received before acting upon it. For me the acting part means refrain from sharing the information. Yes, sharing and making others aware of something that has been revealed to you doesn’t afford that person the opportunity for God to show it to them in His own way, especially if you aren’t in the right timing with sharing it. I’ve thought this through a bit and I began to ask God, “If it’s not my time to show it to them when I can see what’s about to happen, then why are you showing it to me?” and he said, “At this time I want you to pray!”

I think this stage is a growth stage for me as well. Will I be obedient, will the thoughts, ideas, and visions that I see burn within me so bad that I just go against what I know to be true and run over people trying to make things right, trying to help them so to speak. See…opportunity for me to be obedient to my father in heaven. I’m grateful to God for entrusting me with this gift and I want to allow it to develop more in Him by being obedient with when to act or share. It only grows my relationship with him further and deeper when I can go into prayer and meditation for others. There is a divine time for everything. I am learning this for sure.


So yes…Stopping, praying, acknowledging the presence of God, showing gratitude for the revelation, and trusting God with what to do next…instead of acting in my innate fleshly manner of “trying to help”. By the way that phrase is so overrated. I hear it all the time, “I was just trying to help.” No you were intruding and giving an opinion that no one asked for. Yo u know us “coachy” people can be very bad with this one. People don’t need “my” help or NEED anyone else’s…it’s more beneficial for them to grow in their own awareness and God will use us as an instrument the way he sees fit.
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