Inner Circle Week 7 Program Design and Packaging

Program Design and Packaging


I had you do your timeline work so you can decide which part of your story is most marketable. What will people buy from you?? Looking over your timeline there are plenty of places that you’ve overcome, where you got to the other side. You can start with one incident and position that story for your ideal clients to understand how you can help them and what results you can bring to their life and business.


This is key to making yourself stand out in your industry and doing so with confidence because the transformation comes from a part of your life that you can own with confidence.


If you are a technical person your journey to receiving your education, your training and skills, dont dismiss the emotional parts of getting their, the feeling you felt along the way, the struggles and your why for how you got there. Why was this work important I’m sure there is a story in your timeline that speaks to it. Let’s make the connections!!!

If you are more of a heart-centered person this process will work all the same and you may feel like you are pulling for strings, however you CAN create your own signature program or service that helps others.


Sometimes we fear giving away our talents and skills but when you have a story and a why you can share these things in a strategic way that leads your potential clients to your services without doing the work for them or giving it all a way.



Hands on Workshop on Thursday at 930 pm

Cant wait to work with you on the program design