So Much More Than Makeup

So Much More than Makeup

I’ve spent the last two years thinking, pondering, and wondering on how I can verbalize what it means to be “so much more than”. Well, after engaging in one on one coaching conversations with my own personal coach, my own coaching calls with women and group coaching calls with multiple women, I think I’ve finally put my finger on it!

So Much More than Makeup

We all have titles, we have what people see us as on a daily basis but every single one of us is so much more than what we show on the outside. I’ve encountered a woman who works as teacher, who really want to put her creativity to use in jewelry design. Ive talked to a woman who works at an accountant firm but really beneath it all she is a health fanatic that believes in fascial stretch therapy that allows us to release unwanted emotions and heals the body. She’s so much more than a teacher and She’s so much more than an accountant. These were women with a dream and a mission to help others and are striving to step outside of the path perceived.

For me this saying translates to who I am a person. I’m so much more than a makeup artist, so much more than a homeschooling mom. I’ve taken the last 3 years to build a makeup business and I’ve been put in this box, but under these titles there’s a woman who has gone through a whole lot. I’ve struggled with guilt, fear, not thinking I’m good enough, feeling worthless, not believing in myself, not speaking up for myself, not holding others accountable, and not knowing how to put my desires into action! I’m a real women with struggles and failures. But through it all I stay true to my desire to teach others from my lessons learned, to coach others into So Much More Than they could ever imagine they’d be!

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