Transform Your Thinking in a Co-Creative Process with God

“For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.”

(Proverbs 23:7)

God is concerned about our thought process so much that he speaks to it in this verse above. We have free will to transform our thinking in a co-creative process with God through his word.

What you focus on expands

Literally, I’ve just read one passage about giving God the glory and talking about the wonders of his name, and he flashed an image before my face, the Holy Spirit, just showing me how, when I used to struggle in my marriage, how I wouldn’t look at my husband. I couldn’t focus on his actions or his attitude. Now I don’t think it matters whether it’s a marriage or school, a teacher that’s driving you crazy, a boss that’s frustrating you, or your business itself that’s frustrating you, but he showed me how I stopped looking at the person. I shifted my focus. So, I’m taking that into account and saying don’t look at the situation with our natural eye, right? We look at how things are going, I mean you already know. You already know it sucks so why keep looking at it, why keep focussing on it, why keep digging at it, why keep talking about it, why keep complaining about. So, the image that flashed before me was where I took my eyes off that situation, almost like turning my back to it, but I had a space with God, and I had a space in that relationship with him where I could talk to him about it. No complaining, no feeling sorry for myself, but just talking to him and thanking him, and telling him how glorious and wonderful and great he is, no matter how my situation turned out.

Co-Creative Process with God

Let it go with ease

I think that’s that aspect of when people mention not being attached to something, where we’re so attached to a situation that we let the ups and downs of it to cause our emotions to go all over the place. But if you’re grounded in how great God is, and you’re grounded in how much he cares about you and has your best interests at heart, and how much he loves you, and how much he’s already given for us, then we stay in a higher vibration, as some would say. Our energy stays high, our thought process is higher, our being is just higher, because we’re in tune with him, we’re attached to him instead of our situation, or that issue or that problem. I want to challenge you today that as you go through whatever difficult thing has been popping up for you, that your communication or your speech about it changes. That person walks in the room and you know that that’s the source of whatever it is, praise God and tell him thank you, and really focus on Him above.


You are what you think and we must ground ourselves in the goodness of God and his desire for us to have good things. I don’t know if you all ever heard, but when you’re encouraging others and giving them a word, that word is for you too. I can already see one situation in particular where I need to put this at work, and where I was attempting to put it at work last night. I encourage you to see where in your life you can reframe your thoughts and ground yourself in truth

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