Vulnerability in Relationships and Business is the Same

Do you ever feel vulnerable in your relationship?

Can we be vulnerable intentionally or does this happen on accident?

 I think sometimes we find ourselves in a vulnerable position where it’s time to be honest or open about the way we feel and we weren’t necessarily ready for it. Vulnerability for some can seem like something that pops up in an unexpected moments and oops..your faced with the icky word and feeling “vulnerable”. I used to hate this feeling. Feeling vulnerable in front of other people meant I wasn’t prepared, I was being sensitive, and that I was weak! Feeling vulnerable also meant there the was the open possibility for others to hurt me or take advantage of me. I know now that:

Vulnerability doesn’t equal I’m about to get hurt.

That’s what vulnerable used to mean to me. I looked at it as, “OMG, things are getting scary and I’m liable to get hurt” Let’s take a look at business…

Cause, If this is how you view your relationships, when it comes to business, then guess what you will view it the same way.

 Vulnerability in Relationships and Business is the Same

When we look at business we can think the same, “OMG, things are getting scary and I’m about to fail” How’s that for feeling vulnerable in business. No one likes the idea of failure and that can make us feel very vulnerable. How do I show up for the next venture? What will others think of me?

We are taking the position of fear. In this mindset you are looking at your situation from a standpoint of fear, run, flight, dodge get out of the way.

Well…I want you to start looking at your relationships differently. Show up ready to be vulnerable (not allowing the vulnerability to happen to you in the form of fear) but in the form of simple expression chosen by you.  what would happen if you said,” ok I’m going to chose to be vulnerable today let me share with this person how they make me feel so we can come to a solution.”?

In business its the same. Show up ready to ask your ideal clients what they need from you, ready to share lessons learned so they can see the solutions that you provide and you can figure out what it is that they need.

I’m here to tell you that it’s ok to be vulnerable in business. You will have failures, you will try new things and they all wont work. But if you never try you new know! I cant live a life not knowing. I chose not to live a life not knowing!

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