week 3 Self Love and Self Worth

Week 3

Self-Love Self-Worth and it’s Role in Marketing




Self love is so key to showing up in your purpose. We must consider how our words and thoughts aid in our self-love and self-worth. Here is a video to show you the effects of your words.


As an entrepreneur in the online age the content you create is going to be a key role in attracting clients that understand your business and want to experience your services. Creating your content (pieces of your story and expertise) from a place of self-love, self-worth, and vulnerability is key. WE will dig deeper into content/story but I want you to focus on how your inner talk will effect how you show up online. 

When your business is an extension of who you are then you have to love all the pieces of yourself. Even the vulnerable pieces.


  • What do you love about yourself?
  • How are you celebrating your strengths?
  • What do you love about the work you do?
  • Why are you worthy to do this kind of work? 
  • How will you increase your self-worth and self-love (find scripture that speak to his love for you)
  • What are you huge accomplishments
  • what are you working toward doing better everyday

Journal about how you are allowing self-love to show up in your business. Write a story about what makes you worthy of the work you are called to do. (share these in the FB GROUP)


  1. What are the vulnerable pieces that you don’t want to share with others. Change the narrative to where this vulnerability becomes inspiring and life-changing for your client.

2. In the spirit of self-love and self-worth write a post about how you can help your next client and the results you       provide for them.

Example set up: My name is ______ I am a __________ I help ________ to __________so that I they can.

My name is Justina I am a mindset coach I help entreprenuerial women of faith to break free from limiting beliefs so that they can walk fully in their purpose.

There is a difference from proving yourself and confidently sharing the results you offer. The benefits (the value and results) versus features (what they get) of what you offer.


Thinking deeper about your soul-client

Here is a worksheet to help you start researching what your ideal clients really want based on the solutions you know you provide. Your ideal client is an extension of yourself. Your past is your ideal clients current and your current is your ideal clients future!!! Your ideal clients want the things that you may not be valuing in your own life. This is why I have you spend time on looking at your own wins and accomplishments!! (share your results in the FB group!)

What Your ideal clients want worksheet



Bonus Material with Diane Pauley of Worthy Warriors

Note: Exercise starts around 8mins 45sec




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