Week 5 Manifestation

Week 6 Manifestation


Audio Lesson: 16 Steps to Manifestation

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Old beliefs operating when we are snapped back or we cant manifest what we want, evidence of scarcity, evidence of

why are our old beliefs so strong

We create a reality over time and imprint in our brains from a young age. When you think about how old you are. I month training on removing the old beliefs most times isnt enough.

We have habits and patterns based on our old beliefs

how to recognize old beliefs

Trying new approach your subconscious will struggle and try to snap you back

if you’ve been trying to do everything and you cant shift things then their is an old beief that is stronger

seeing the same lesson

keep repeating the pattern the same thing keeps showing up

how are these beliefs formed

it happens from childhood, family, their impressions upon us, and then how we rationalized what was going on within us.


Even if your normal sucks or you want out of it. Your subcousious mind is comfortable there. You have to input different thoughts, realities, that will counter the old way of thinking. We are creature of habit even when we dont like the results. Our subconscious minds want to be safe and safe with what it is comfortable with.


How to shift:

Step 1: going to the root of the old belief (I always have to struggle with money) when did this start for you ,when did it begin, how did it manifest in your world, how did it manifest in your home. You want to get into the whole story, the description, and how it felt. Every detail and make it be as vivid and descriptive as you can.

You have to be a detective of your patterns and how this is showing up. You can start to release it.

How to release it:

Go through each pivitol emotion around the old belief (Your story has many aspects) Tap on the feelings and emotions based on your story. Removing the charge so you can face the fears. When we release these things we are creating more space to manifest more money, more clients, more peace, more joy

Concsiuos mind to identify the root:

what is the payoff for you holding on to this belief. Do this with compassion and love for yourself. There is something you are getting out of holding onto tit


What is a payoff to not being visible

-no one can judge you

-you get to to be an under achiever so people will feel sorry for you

Now what are you missing out on by holding on to this belief:

You miss out on clients

You miss out on touching lives

You miss out on being an example to your kids

You miss out on providing for your family


What happens when your payoff is greater?? Then you will want to stay there. Make your miss out list juicier..dig deep!!


Hopononon Prayer: I sorry please forgive me, I love you, I thank you (I love you, please forgive me, I thank you, I release you)

make it real to you: Write a letter, do a visualization

The universe loves a vacuum as you release this bring in something consciuosly


Realistic plan of how to manifest and shift things.


300 positive thoughts to counteract 1 negative belief Loise Hay (Hay house)