Week 8 Visibility Mindset

Week 8 Visibility Mindset


Day 1 Video Lesson Part 2

We must be rooted in our creator, change our thinking. Self-worth and Self Compassion: two things holding us back from our visibility

Day 2 Video Lesson

  • Lesson 1 recap starts at 12 mins 30 secs
  • Lesson 2 Steps 1-4 starts at 15 mins 55 sec
  • Step 1 Getting clear on your qualities and natural gifts 
  • Step 2 Knowing and embracing that You are enough now
  • Step 3 Asking 5 colleagues to give you feedback on the quality that you bring to the table 
  • Step 4 Staying connected with like-minded women

Day 3 Video Lesson 

  • Lesson 3 Steps 5-10 starts at 11 mins 35 secs
  • step 4 connect your why to your soul clients
  • step 5 connect your why to the sale
  • step 6 survey your ideal clients, listen to how your audience speaks about the problem you can solve
  • step 7 Understanding/Connecting your timeline
  • step 8  your core message: greatness and weaknesses being balanced in your message
  • step 9 Beta Test Round of your service
  • step 10 Visible with class, your makeup, your style, your professional images, branding photos, technical tools, the visual aesthetics of how you are showing up

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