What $32 In Your Bank Account Can Teach You About Valuing Your Gifts

$32 Bank Account

I woke up to $32 in my bank account and I was so frustrated! You see I had an account with a pretty decent amount in it close down because of some ignorance on my part. So.. my “pretty decent amount” check was cut and placed in the mail (lala land in my book) on the way to me and my other account had only $32 in it. In that moment, I literally only had $32 to my name … I felt pretty low … like who was I to speak to anyone, who was I to encourage anyone, who was I to be a coach, who was I to be an entrepreneur. I was letting my money define me, I was letting these two digits 3 and 2 tell me what I was capable of; tell me what I was worthy of.

  • I felt like I wasn’t worthy to own a business;
  • I wasn’t worthy to inspire others;
  • I wasn’t worthy to help other women transform their thinking;
  • I wasn’t worthy to help others peel back the layers on their limiting beliefs;
  • I wasn’t worthy to do the energy work that I love so much;
  • I wasn’t worthy to allow God to use me;
  • I wasn’t worthy to write and blog;
  • I wasn’t worthy to motivate and educate others because of these two numbers.

What $32 In My Bank Account Taught MeAdd heading

God kindly reminded me of a day in my makeup business …

A time when it was just makeup and nothing else as part of my brand. I remember a day when I had a makeup gig to do and I only had like $20 to my name but I had to go to the 4 day job and thank God for a full tank of gas, thank God that they feed you while on set, and that when they go from location to location you get in the crew vehicle (that saved me more gas).

I had to ask myself when I had $20 in my account did I feel like a less qualified artist, did I do my job worse, or was I less capable artist because of the way the way my bank account looked?? NO not at all. I still received the praise and acknowledgment of doing an amazing job. And to this day I am the preferred makeup artist for this production team. I still had the talent and skill regardless of the $20 in my account and 4 days later after I finished that job they paid me $2,000 in full.

That quick I shifted from an amazing artist with $32 to an amazing artist with $2,000!

Don’t let your $20 mindset stop you from making $2,000. Your worth is not the equivalent of the money in your bank account. Your God-given skills and talents are waiting to be unleashed out into this world for the soul-purpose of serving others and bringing glory to His kingdom. Be a light in the dark places. Be a beacon of hope in the areas of desperation and doubt.

Just the same way that my makeup skills don’t disappear overnight, God showed me that I still know how to dig deep with my coaching clients, I still know how to peel back the layers and get to the root of their limiting beliefs, God showed me that he still thought I was worth partnering with creativity, divine inspiration, and divine healing for women who desire to manifest their soul-services into the world.

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And just like that when I learned the lesson literally hours later I had a deposit of $750 hit my account for one of my coaching intensives hit my account just like. God has lessons for us to learn and the quicker we submit and learn them, then he can use us to be a catalyst. An authentic and transparent help to others in our soulful service based business.

$32 Bank Account

Your service that you bring to the table isn’t based on how much is in your bank account. You’re worth is not tied to money. You are worth so much to the special people that you are meant to serve, they are waiting on you!

The amount of money we have the potential to make is connected to our perception of our self-worth. We have to value ourselves first outside of the money, without the money, – $32 in our accounts lol, no titles, no labels.

We need to understand that our talents are valuable to the world

When we get to this point of understanding that we are valuable, we in turn bring value by being who we are, by giving the talents we’ve been blessed with to others, and serving in an authentic way, we operate in a freedom that generates more income, attracts more money, more creativity, and opportunities.

We have to know and come to terms with the fact that we deserve to be compensated for our gifts and talents before we can increase our earnings. Clearing the negative energy around not being enough and not being worthy is essential to increasing what we earn.

Justina is a Pro MUA and Mindset and Success Coach. To schedule a complimentary clarity session with her click on the link calendly.com/purposefulpursuit
You can also find her in her Facebook Group The Purposeful Pursuit to a Beautiful You.

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  1. This was a really nice thing to read. I’m in a hardship of my own and I had some of the exact same thoughts. God showed me that none of that was true and as long as I operate in faith things will be okay.

    Thank you for posting this <3

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