What Does Emotional Freedom Technique Have to do with My Entrepreneurial Call?

Janet Crawford put it this way:…emotions are elegant shortcuts that allow us to sort through reams of [subconscious] neural patterns and generate feelings that guide us toward or away from a course of action. Without emotion, we are biologically incapable of making decisions. Logic is often the last step in the process.

Why do we care about emotions in the first place? The emotions we experience literally guide us toward or away from our desired course of action. We need to discover how those emotions are playing a role in our desired happiness and success. Not only can we discover how they are playing a role but we can literally heal the emotion that is steering us away from our desired result.

This brings us to thoughts, beliefs, emotion and intention. The beliefs we hold, which are wordless energetic states of being, attract thoughts and emotions to match. When you experience disempowering thoughts and emotions, they lead to disempowering lies and vows that we will to existence through intention. The opposite happens for us also, when we experience positive thoughts and emotions we create empowering truths and action that we will to existent with our intention.

emotional freedom

While painting this picture of connection I hope it’s getting clearer to you why your emotions are so important as a women of faith with the call to entrepreneurship. There may be negative thoughts or beliefs that you have around people in business despite your desire to be impactful with your own business. These negative thoughts and beliefs can lead to disempowering lies and vows that you are intentionally displaying in your life. The issue is sometimes we are totally unaware. I suggest you check the fruit. Are you booked, do you see where your next clients are coming from, do you have a well-oiled team, are you reaching your desired goals? If your answer is no…checking your thoughts and emotions is vital. Embracing a process of emotional healing is also vital.


Managing our emotions is the foundation to personal achievement, happiness, and professional success. If you are a solo entrepreneur you know the lines between personal and professional can be blurred. It is our personal desire to be a professional success. See what I mean?? I want you to consider the idea that you can manage and heal the conscious and subconscious emotions that are running the the limiting beliefs and vows that we’ve agreed to as coping mechanisms.


You may be asking how I know this. Surely I do because I remember the struggle of going back and forth on what I wanted, I remember having the opportunities right in my face but being too afraid to seize them. I remember having the resources at my fingertips but my thoughts and emotions truly holding me captive. My thoughts of not being good enough, my thoughts of not being capable all created an emotional vibration that kept me paralyzed and kept me stuck.


Have you ever wondered why you desire to do better but you end up replaying the same old habits? Well that’s because there is emotional healing to be done in that area. This is where the Emotional Freedom Technique comes into place. Have you ever wondered why you desire to do better but you end up replaying the same old habits? There is a story that is written on your wall and it’s time for that to change. This is where Prayer and Emotional Freedom Technique comes into place. God has gifted us with tool like EFT that are based in circuitry and intention. It’s a such a wonderful blessing to be in a co-operative framework alongside God our creator.

For your purpose, for your success, tap into the subconscious mind and break free from your disempowering thoughts and belief.


One of the first steps to manifesting a life and business that you truly desire is having a heart for God and Mind for Business. We must first have our thoughts in alignment with what God thinks about us before we can manifest anything? Check out the webinar which helps you resolve your inner conflicts around success and stop the self-sabotage so you can create more impact and income in your purposeful business.   

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