What My Clients Taught Me This Week

What is a boudoir session really? I see boudoir as an outlet for a woman to see her femininity in a new light. These images are usually taken for a spouse but I tell my clients to think of this as a pampering session for you as well. It’s a part of self-care to allow someone else to spend time on you.  Its about a transformation and seeing yourself in a more sensual way.

I’m sharing this concept of self-care and know that I am speaking to myself as well. Sometime’s its hard for me to sit still and allow another specialist to spend time on me. I’m taking from professional hairstylists to nail technicians. I usually find that when a person has spend over 20-30 minutes paying special attention to me I begin to feel uncomfortable. It’s that feeling of not deserving so much attention or time, “undeservingness” or not good “enoughness”.


I came to this realization on this past week when I was performing my services of hair and makeup for private boudoir clients. My clients were sitting so nice and still and they were so relaxed and I began to think about the way I behave during my pampering time and I got a big fat “F” for effort. I’m a fixer and I tend to be looking at what the person is doing and trying to make sure that it’s done just right. How rude and what a way to not enjoy myself during a time that should be considered a self-caring moment where I’m allowing myself to be treated with care. Yet I find myself more stressed out than when I came. Every week I post in my Facebook group about self-care, yet I’m not truly exercising this. So here’s to honesty and transparency. Have grace with me as I learn to let go and allow others to service me the way that I love servicing them.

Thank you to my wonderful clients This past week for teaching me a lesson in self-care and receiving. You so gracefully allowed me to serve your beauty needs and I even got asked to do their weddings for them as well. I’m looking forward to having the opportunity to paint your faces with enhanced natural beauty once again!!

Natural Makeup I forgot my before….

Before & After14060495_10210418525800134_456219664_o



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