What Purity Has To Do With Your Why

As heart-centered entrepreneurs it is so important that we operate from a heart and soul place. I don’t think we’d prefer business any other way. That means being pure about your intentions and how you plan to help people in your business.  The purity piece is about

– coming to terms with purely accepting who you are

– making the connection between your desires and what you love to do

– understanding how it translates into serving others

– building a business that is unique to you

 What Purity Has To Do With Your Why

Who you are, your desires and intention to serve all have to create this pure connection for it to make sense. I say this because people create things that they think people will like instead of creating from the center of their God-given talents and heart’s desire to solve problems for their ideal clients. 

There’s a stripping away that happens to you as you begin to search your heart and your purpose. It’s no longer about your titles or what others think you should be doing. It’s about who you are and what you stand for. This stripping away can be intentional or forced. I invite you to be intentional about it.

That heart-centered desire  has so much to do with your why and the kind of impact you want to make in others lives. Your why and the impact you want to make are deeply related to your God-given talents and skills.



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