You didn’t Crash and Burn…You’re simply making room for expansion

What happens when you’ve slowed down on social media to truly reflect where you’re heading with your business?

What happens when you lose the flow of your posting schedule and you dont even know where to start.

What happens when you think your voice won’t matter anymore?

What happens when you feel stuck?

You haven’t spoken up in over 2 months and we all know that is forever in the online world. You’ve not posted on all your social media platforms, You haven’t recorded a video, You’ve not showed up in your own FB group!

What happens to your self-esteem and your confidence when these actions take place? Well I  should really ask what happens to your self-esteem and confidence when NOTHING has taken place? Well you already know cause you are feeling that way now…lost, confused, not sure where to start.

How about when you are sucked into this idea that you have to be online 24-7 in order to make a dollar? Well it can be pretty depressing to know or should I say “think” that you have to start all over.

 (Tweet this) Truth is being on social media all the time does not equate to running a business or conducting money making activity (Tweet This)

You didn’t always feel this way…You actually had some rhyme or reason to what you were doing months before but somehow you’ve experienced something called burnout. That’s what it is. In all actuality I really hate this term “burnout”. It feels so cliché, it feels like I crashed and burned and there’s no return. There’s no getting back up. But Really with all these emotions and thoughts there is light at the end of the tunnel. There is a lesson to be learned and taught to others. For you my dear you aren’t starting over you are just picking up where you left off as a brighter, smarter, and wiser you.

So…let me revisit some those questions and share with you my answers.

 You didn’t Crash and Burn

What can happen when you’ve slow down on social media?

For starters you get to reflect where you were/are heading with your business… So in my book, Amazing things can happen! You begin to have a new sense of confidence and clarity. You can find a new sense of commitment to your goals and what you stand for in your business. You can begin to find your own voice again. You know what when you are constantly online being bombarded by everyone else’s messages you can begin to sound like or imitate someone you really admire. But guess what? You aren’t that person so this time away can bring about a uniqueness in you, and difference in you where you begin to stand out more in your own niche in this sea of online businesses.

What can happen when you lose your flow of your posting schedule and you don’t even know where to start?

Realistically you haven’t lost your flow…you had it scheduled once before. If you scheduled it before I’m sure you can refer back to your old schedule but this time with a breath of fresh ideas and opinions. You can find it on a piece of paper a word document, one of your planners. Start looking back and re-evaluating what you were doing before the burnout. You may just be in a bit of a funk…YOU personally and internally may not be in a flow but that’s ok. Begin to reconnect with your creator first, with the God who created you and listen in to your spirit and where He would have you begin. He’s given you a message for others and you know you gotta get it out to the masses. Start small. Start with an inspirational photo, feel free to reintroduce yourself. Do whatever feels right to you but whatever you do never give up because you lost your flow or feel like you don’t know where to start. I can help with that…I hope this blog post is helping with that now.

What happens when you think your voice won’t matter?

Well honey, this is more of an internal thing. If you are feeling like your voice won’t matter then guess what…it won’t. It’s not for you to determine how your story will connect with others. It’s not for you to give a consensus on the wonderful message imparted within you. Nope you don’t get to judge your message before sharing with others. When I stepped outside of my own comfort zone and begin to share my story and share what I stood for, guess what. I got an astounding…”That was powerful”. This was a mindset shift that I was sharing with other women in my group. Do you know that I re-edited and re-edited and stressed over this message for days before I put it out? Your voice is your message and when you share it just know, if you’ve touched one person you’ve done your job!!!

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