4 Reflective Ways to Ride the Energy


What does that mean. Ride the Energy. I dont know what other people call it but this is what God told me to do. He said, “Ride the energy Justina. Don’t stay stuck in the lows…go on the ride of energetic gratitude.”


Sometimes we get into a funk and we forget all the wonderful great and beautiful things that we’ve done and we’re looking at the current sucky situation and we are seeing what it looks like right now. I remember looking at a situation in the now. I remember, when I was crying on my bed, yes we all have low points (even Oprah)  


My Funk

I was on my bed I was crying I felt like a loosere and I was like this sucks do I even want to do this anymore?  The “this” was my business. This was this year in March sometime I was just so upset…it’s crazy how we experience the lows. My low point was in March of this year.


I was so upset and I was in a funk despite the positive things going on around me. My inner circle group coaching program was full, I had a private client and I was booking days on set. But, Money wasnt looking they way I wanted it too. I had certain numbers in my mind and those numbers weren’t looking close to the goal I had set for myself that month.


I wasn’t riding the energy. I wasn’tt focused on the

  1. beautiful things that my clients were working on
  2. the the beautiful things I’ve done in the past  
  3. the results I had helped other people get.

I was just focused on that one moment in time and in that one moment my numbers weren’t looking they way I wanted them too. I was like wait a second now I know I have goals and my numbers havent been increasing, why havent they? And I was upset. I was so in my little ego!

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My Process

Then I had to pray and I had a talk with God. I was llike “God…you know what forgive me because you’ve given me this business and you see fit on what I make and what I bring in. You always provide even in the ways least expected. I’m going to be thankful for that”. And when I decided to reframe my mind…and dont get me wrong..I’m writing about this and it will take you all of 8 mins to read this but it literally took me like 24 hours to get over my ego.


After I went through that whole process of saying “Get over yourself Justina, your numbers dont have to look the way you want them to right this minute. There’s still growth, there’s still other things that you are going to be doing this month to help balance out the numbers”, I had a moment to breathe, let go and receive what God had for me.



I went back and looked back over my numbers a few days later. And mind you, I have two separate payment systems and a separate money tracking system, moonclerk, paypal and Dubsado. And guess what guys? I had forgot to look in paypal people. I had forgot about some things that came through that way.


By the natural eye what I saw was that I hadnt reached my goal…rather I saw that I was far off from my goal. But in another space that I couldnt see that I chose not to look at the money was there. And I’m just like wow. When we make a choice to look at where we are and be focused where we’re at we are not riding the energy. We’re not flowing with our natural born energy.


What you find yourself in a Funk

So I say this, when you find yourself in that negative energy and you are on a downward spiral…

  1. ride the energy
  2. Remember the past energy
  3. Meditate on past successes
  4. Purposefully shift your focus to past wins

Do these 4 things so you can build up our own energy. I invite you today to build up your energy, find that energy, find those highs, find those wins. Stay there and remind yourself that you’ve done amazing things.

My Energetic Wins

I literally have published work in international magazines, what the heck was I crying about… I’ve worked with amazing coaching clients, filled my group coaching program, worked with wonderful brands like Target, Bravo, Reality TV Stars, which some say I can technically call myself a celebrity make up-artist…why am I sitting on the bed crying…really?? I needed a spanking!

How I ride the energy

And if you find yourself in a moment where you are frustrated with not being able to book discovery sessions, or I cant get women on the phone, or “this” just isnt working…. ride your past energy!

  1. Focus on what you have done,
  2. start sharing that with people,
  3. start putting that out there,
  4. start journaling about it and I promise you some other wonderul epiphanies will pop up and you will have something to share with your audience.



SO yes ride the energy… go to where can you find the past energetic highs that you can begin to share with your audience where you were on top of the world and begin to meditate on that things Literally:


Sit in the moment

Feel the goosebumps

Feel it rise in your chest
I get a jittery rise in my chest when I know I’ve come across a win or I’m doing something that I love or that I’ve helped someone else…there’s just this energy that I get and even my kids recognize it…There like “Mommy you did good on your coaching call didn’t you?” And it’s not even that I did good but I was present and why are they asking that? Because they feel the energy. You have to harness that same energy that happens for you. Don’t loose it, Dont forget it!

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  1. Great post. Prayer will bring clarity to think back to the ‘wins’ and all that you are accomplishing.

    • It’s definitely an intentional thing. I will take time out of a month to actually reflect on what I’ve accomplished because with a quick rush I can feel like a looser in like a second forgetting all that God has graciously allowed me to accomplish.

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